Signs Of Bed Bugs

Have you any notion of precisely what the signs of bed bugs are?

Bed bugs are flat, oval shaped bugs that are approximately the size of an apple seed and are generally reddish brown in color, mainly due to their size and shape they have the ability to hide away in the tiniest of cracks and crevices. They are unable to fly but have the ability to travel quite a distance for something so small!signs of bed bugs

Should you believe that you do have a bed bug invasion it is extremely important that you carefully search for signs of bed bugs before you start any kind of treatment. One thing you should be aware of – bed bugs don’t like their name would suggest solely invade your mattress. They maybe evident in pretty much any room within your home and will quite contentedly snuggle up on the sofa or a much-loved chair, you could possibly even find them behind a picture frame or possibly inside your alarm!

Bed bugs will never be found very far away from their prey so that they can enjoy a regular banquet of blood – usually human however they will feed on pets blood! Whenever food is not on hand they can still stay alive for many months.

Signs of bed bugs you should look for are blood spots on bedding, fecal marks again on bed linen or perhaps around locations where they may be hiding out for example in cracks or little gaps in baseboards. Additional bed bug signs can include bed bug eggs – that are regularly likened in size and appearance to grains of rice or perhaps abandoned skins (bed bug shed their skins as they grow.) Sizable infestations also give of a pretty distinctive smell which many believe smells much like rotten raspberries or perhaps moldy shoes.

Needless to say bed bugs will not merely infest households they occur in movie theaters, hospitals, care homes, automobiles, on public transport, in hotel rooms not to mention in schools. It is commonly from these kinds of places that these vampire bugs hitch a ride in clothes, travel luggage etc before settling in your house.

Obviously by far the most noticeable bed bug signs are the bites. These tend to show up on areas of the body which were exposed during sleep for example the face, arms, legs, neck. Many maintain that the bites are often found in a distinctive line of three suggesting breakfast, lunch and dinner in spite of this in my experience this is not always the case.

Bed bug bites are little, red-colored bumps or welts on the skin that are normally pretty itchy. Generally there is no cure for bed bug bites apart from eliminating the actual bed bugs.

Should you discover signs of bed bugs you should do something about it as soon as possible. Bed bug infestations are notoriously tricky to eliminate and the larger the infestation the more challenging it becomes.

You could employ a pest control company to kill the bugs for you or perhaps you might choose the more affordable Do-it-yourself approach. The second option is hard work and time consuming and can take a lot more than one attempt before achieving success however it is possible!

Paris Hilton Perfume Review

Paris Hilton is an American Socialite who is renowneded for her Perfumes range. The Paris Hilton Perfume by Paris Hilton is available in available for both Men and Women. The very first perfume which was endorsed by her is Paris Hilton for Women and was followed by Just Me and Can Can.

Read below to know more on Paris Hilton perfumes for women:

Just Me:

Just Me comes in two editions– for men as well as women. This is the second authorized perfume by Paris Hilton after Paris Hilton. The scent in the women’s edition consists of Lily of the Valley, Raspberries, Vanilla, Pink Peppercorn, Blonde Woods Accord and mixture of many other flowers.Paris Hilton Perfume - Just Me image


Heiress is a women’s perfume created by Paris Hilton. It was launched in the year 2006. It possesses a combination of passion fruit, Dewberry blossom, tiara flower, honeysuckle, blonde woods, peach granita etc.

Can Can:

Can Can is fragrance for women. It is the fifth fragrance which is certified by Paris Hilton.

Fairy Dust:

Fairy Dust is the sixth fragrance by Paris Hilton released in the year 2008 following Can Can. It consists of pink peony, cashmere musk, sueded patchouli, vanilla cream, sparkling prosecco, spring gardenia, etc


Siren is a women’s perfume by Paris Hilton launched in the year 2009. Its fragrance comprises of apricot nectar, vanilla, lily, frangipani flowers, musk, orchids, sandalwood and honeysuckle.


The perfume Tease from Paris Hilton and was launched in the year 2010. It is a fun, fruity fragrance. The fragrance is a combination of Paris Hilton Perfume - Teasejuicy apples, bergamot, amber, fresh peaches, hot sand and fragrant white flowers.

Paris Hilton Passport South Beach:

The fragrance Paris Hilton Passport South Beach was introduced in the year 2011.

Paris Hilton Sheer:

The lighter and more airy version of the original Paris Hilton introduced in the year 2004 is the Paris Hilton Sheer. The fragrance in Paris Hilton Sheer comprises of wet ozonic accords and apple, jasmine sandalwood, skin musk, freesia etc

 Paris Hilton Dazzle:

Dazzle by Paris Hilton was launched in the year 2012 as a floral fruity fragrance. The bottle for the fragrance is designed by Henry De Monclin. The perfume comprises the fragrance of pink lady apple, orange blossom, pink champagne, pink calypso orchid, etc

 Paris Hilton Passport Tokyo:

This is a very glossy and funky perfume by Paris Hilton and was introduced in the year 2010. The fragrance for this perfume was made with a combination of frozen apple, ylang ylang, peach, oak moss, mimosa, sandalwood, freesia, jasmine and nectar.

Paris Hilton Can Can Perfume

Paris Hilton Can Can perfume is supposed to be an “elegant yet fun” fragrance, influenced by the Can-Can dancers of the Moulin Rouge Paris Hilton Can Can perfume box imagecabaret. It was produced by perfumer Jean-Claude Delville. Similar to Paris’s previous efforts, it has loads of fruits & flowers, but Can Can is meant to take cues from sexier oriental scents (the notes: clementine flower, cassis, nectarine, wild orchid, orange blossom, musk, amber and woods). Most people will likely not notice from the beginning, which is enormously sweet fruits over vanilla cake, and invites comparison to Britney Spears Fantasy. Once it settles however, it is definitely warmer and much less fruity (and substantially less sweet), and although it by no means gets dark or sultry, I guess you might say that it flirts with the oriental category. After an hour or so, it smells similar to a fairly standard woody musk with a bit of pale amber.

I first tried out Can Can perfume on a trial strip in the mall, and found the first blast pretty horrible. On skin it really isn’t too threatening, as a matter of fact, I found the dry down relatively dull. I find the packaging equally dull, particularly in contrast to the print ad. I should think they might have created a far more interesting bottle on the Can Can/Moulin Rouge theme.

Paris Hilton Heiress Perfume

Paris Hilton Heiress perfume is a fruity floral– not a surprise there– and the notes incorporate passion fruit, orange, peach granita, champagne mimosa, star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom, grenadine, violet leaf, vetiver, tonka bean as well as blonde woods. The opening is without a doubt, as you ‘d anticipate, sugar coated fruits, or more precisely, sugar covered fruit Paris Hilton Heiress Perfume Box set  imageflavors; pretty much nothing here comes even close to the fragrance of actual fruit. It calls to mind any amount of things (bubblegum, kids’s Motrin, lollipops) however none of them are the champagne mimosa specified in the notes, though the fruit notes do have a touch of sparkle and fizz.

In the dry down, the bubblegum accord is joined by blur of sheer florals; it is nevertheless awfully sweet, but not nearly so achingly sweet as the top notes. The base adds some vanilla as well as musk, but very little warmth: this stays bright and sparkling and girly pretty much straight through to the end.

The Paris Hilton fragrances might not be masterpieces, but then, you most likely would not expect them to be. When Just Me was launched, I assumed that it might be meant as the sexy, all-grown-up sequel to the initial Paris Hilton; Heiress appears to be moving in the opposite direction and reaching for an even younger target audience. Still, of the three, this one may be the most fun, and there is just something kind of endearing about a scent called Heiress that smells largely of Paradise Punch Bubblicious.

Want to buy Paris Hilton perfumes?

Looking for a specific Paris Hilton perfume? Read our article for details and info on the range of perfumes by Paris Hilton …

Paris Hilton is a famous American socialite who has released the Paris Hilton collection of perfumes with great success. The first of theParis Hilton Perfumes Collection scents was named after herself Paris Hilton. Her admirers described it as the very best of the entire range of Paris Hilton perfumes.

After the successful launch of Paris Hilton perfume, and acceptance of the fragrance by fans and perfume aficionados, she went on to launch a male version of the same perfume for her male fans. This perfume was named the Paris Hilton for men.

The third of the collection of fragrances in the Paris Hilton perfumes category was called ‘Just Me’ and was launched in Fall 2005. Paris Hilton saw the success of her fragrances rise with each launch and this prompted her to launch another perfume in October 2006 called ‘Heiress’.

Paris Hilton Perfumes History of Fragrances

Paris Hilton is best known for her attention grabbing tactics, and has become a famous socialite. She knows how to draw the spotlight on her each time she steps out in public or has a private event. She always likes to be in the center of things and uses smart marketing and public relations tactics.

Paris Hilton perfumes allow you to enjoy the magic created by Paris Hilton and smell like a star. The appealing and rich fragrances capture a powerful sensuality and the moment of breathtaking beauty for even those who are not celebrities, allowing them to enjoy a special feeling created by their favorite socialite.

Paris Hilton Perfumes Various Fragrances in Base Notes

Paris Hilton perfumes initiated with the launch of the Paris Hilton in 2004. The floral bouquet is created with Jasmine, Freesias and Momosa flowers.

Paris Hilton launched the male version of the same perfume as she knows that her male admirers around the world would enjoy the fragrance created by her. The crisp and clean fragrance has notes of Green Mango and fig leaf.

Just Me by Paris Hilton perfumes creates a new bouquet with bergamot, red berries, spicy pink peppercorns and flowers like Lily of the Valley, the White Rose and violets to create a youthful fragrance. The seductive notes of musk and Tahitian Vanilla make a woody base for this fragrance.

Just Me for Men, by Paris Hilton perfumes is a contemporary fragrance created with the use of tangerine, lemon, bergamot, key lime and black currant which are mixed with lush fragrance of fresh grass. The spicy undertone of these ingredients is blended subtly with marine notes using Sea breeze and Sage. The addition of the exotic Patchouli and Amber along with musk makes an exotic and very passionate note to this warm fragrance.

white diamonds celebrity perfume imageIn 1991, Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds was introduced to the world and till now, it has become the top selling celebrity fragrance for more than 20 years. Ever since that, more celebrities have signed with perfume companies to create their very own signature scent and then market it with the celebrity’s name as the selling point. So which celebrity fragrance is worth the money or plainly stinks? Let me spare you the headache and i strongly recommend these 5 of my most favorite celebrity perfumes of all time.

Christina Aguilera Perfume by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera joins the celebrity perfumes arena in 2007 and launched her first perfume, Christina Aguilera Perfumes. This floriental fragrance which was launched under the tag line “sometimes, it’s all you need to wear”, is targeted towards women in early 20s and in their late teens.

Glow Perfume by Jennifer Lopez

Introduced in 2002, the soft and sexy scented Glow Perfume is the first fragrance launched by Jennifer Lopez. Glow Perfume was a huge success, breaking over $100 million in sales in its first year and inspired other celebrities into the fragrance market.

Lovely Perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely is Sarah Jessica Parker’s first-ever fragrance which debuted in 2005. Lovely perfume opens with bergamot, rosewood and nectarine notes, with a touch of lavender combined with notes of apple martini, orchid and white daffodil. Wear this perfume while strolling in the park or to dinner with your best girlfriends.

Intimately Beckham Perfume by David and Victoria Beckham

This perfume has a very floral fragrance combined with spicy orange, myrrh and cinnamon over amber and vanilla base with a slight note of musk added. Intimately Beckham perfume is a very classy and feminine that women of all ages can appreciate anytime of the day

Fantasy perfume by Britney Spears

Fantasy Perfume by Britney Spears debuts in 2005 after the success of Curious, Britney’s first fragrance which made a whopping thirty million in its first three months. The perfumed is packaged into an attractive potion-liked bottle adorned with crystals from Swarovski. Fantasy perfume notes include red lychee, golden quince, kiwi, jasmine, cupcake accord, musk, white chocolate orchid and orris root.

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natural scabies treatment


Scabies is a skin condition caused by a tiny parasite known as Sarcoptes Scabiei or the itch mite. These mites get onto the skin and the females burrow down beneath the surface and lay eggs. This in turn leads to the victim developing a rash usually in the form of red blisters or bumps on the skin. However probably the worst symptom of scabies is the itching which over time gets worse and becomes especially intense at night. Victims will try anything to get rid of scabies so lets take a look at some natural scabies treatment.


Natural scabies treatment can take a number of forms here are a few which I know to be fairly successful in relieving the itch and soothing the skin.

Natural Scabies Treatment At Home

1. The use of tea tree oil is probably one of the most popular methods of getting rid of scabies. This can be applied directly to the skin or added to a warm bath.

The one disadvantage of tea tree oil is its pungent smell.

2. Neem oil is slightly stronger than tea tree oil and is applied in the same way.

3. Oatmeal must be the cheapest natural scabies treatment you can get! Add some to a warm bath and its natural anti-infammatory characteristics will help sooth affected areas.

Getting rid of scabies is far from easy and any treatment must be carried out regularly and with diligence if your are to stand any chance of eradicating itch mites from your skin.

Discover lots more information about scabies and treatments at


There are many effective treatment for bed bugs options available to a home owner. These include:

treatment for bed bugs options

  • Heat treatments – high temperatures kill all stages of bed bug life from eggs to adults.
  • Cryogenic treatment – while not as effective as heat treatment very low temperatures can kill bed bugs.
  • Pesticides and chemical treatments – there are many pesticides on the market especially formulated to kill bed bugs, however they may have side affects associated with them and may not be suitable for all locations.
  • Integrated pest management – this is a total management scheme that need to be implemented to control any infestations.

Many of the above treatment can be carried out by the home owner themselves however if you are unsure or need extra advice you may need to get professionals in to carry out the bed bug treatment for you.

If you want to find out more information about how to find, treat and control bed bugs then visit this website that offers free articles and information about getting rid of bed bugs.

treatment of bed bugs

Integrated Pest Management

One of the best treatment of bed bugs to use is to incorporate an integrated pest management scheme. This involves using a mixture of methods to control any bed bug infestations. It involves constant vigilance to spot where bed bugs may be nesting, thorough cleaning of the infected areas to collect any loose bugs and eggs, using heat to kill any bed bugs and their eggs through the application of steam and the use of pesticides specifically designed to kill bed bugs and the young nymphs and eggs.

This may not get rid of all bed bugs the first time and you will have to watch out for more bed bugs appearing and repeat the steps as needed until you eventually kill all bed bugs and stop the infestation.

For more articles about getting rid of bed bugs visit there you will find more help and information if you have an infestation of these little blood suckers.